Stephane Espi Spiègle

Modern gentleman’s folder



November 8, Gembloux, Belgium. I wander into a building lined with small tables. Men and women murmur and laugh while sipping their coffees. Reflections is all I see. Thousands of blades and polished handles reflect the lights I feel happy.
I take out my phone and quickly check the 12 names I marked from the list of exhibitors while I walk into the first room. It’s already packed. A lot of high end makers are already sold out, or nearly sold out. The first maker I walked into that was on my list had 1 knife left, his name is Pilippe Jourget. I clearly wasn’t the only one who liked his knives as he walked away with an award that day.
Jukka Hankale, Michael Waterhouse, Paul Strand, Emmanuel Le Brun, Pekka Tuominen, and dozens of others were showing of their work. While I wasn’t looking for a specific folder, or a fixed blade, I did want to get something more refined, agile and all in all, more gentlemanly than most modern folders.



Walking through rows and rows of knives in all possible price ranges makes a man lose his damn mind. After 2 hours you’ve been looking at the most beautiful knives in the world and you don’t know if you will ever be able to pick one. Sure, that €1200 knife looked great, but I would never be able to justify the cost, nor would I carry it at that price point. Buying knives to be display cases was never my style.

There it was

I walked past a table, the man behind it in his mid forties, smiling and clearly enjoying the day. Just one look at his knives and I knew I had to have one, and to my surprise, a knife I saw a few days earlier on his Instagram page was still available. After a brief comparison to 2 other models he had for sale, I ended up buying the Spiègle.
I have always been a sucker for well done amber dyed bone. The scales on this knife were perfectly finished, highly polished and had no dips or high spots from over buffing the material. The transition from titanium to bone was perfectly smooth and the backspacers was fit perfectly.
A hidden pivot sits beneath the titanium bolsters making the whole handle streamlined. The blade is very finely bead blasted and flows perfectly into the bolster tying the whole package together. Crisp, clean grind lines, a perfect edge on the RWL-34 steel and nicely centered blade didn’t make me think twice and I walked away with this wonderful folder.



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