Barry Wood Mk1

It happened. I managed to score a Barry Wood Mk1 folder after hunting one down for years a good friend of mine offered me one and I jumped on it immediately.


For those unfamiliar with Mr. Wood’s work, he made knives in the late sixties and scored a contract with Colt for some production knives. The knife I have was the one the Colt pattern was based on. His folders have the Barry Wood lock, swivel lock, or whatever you want to call it. The blade swings out of the hand and locks into place when completely rotated. It’s pretty much impossible to have this type of lock fail on you.


As far as materials go, this one is quite sober with 154CM steel, Beryllium copper, maroon micarta and messing silver pins. He made knives with a variety of handle materials including stag and titanium as well. Barry Wood passed away in March last year, but his son-in-law, Mike Irie, still makes knives that have clearly been influenced by his work.


I don’t have safe queens, but this one will be babied a bit more than even my Loveless knife and will always hold a special place in my collection.



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