New camera setup

I’ve been using a cheap point and shoot camera for the past 8 years to take most of my pictures. Most of the times the results were okay as long as I used a lightbox of some sorts. Now, 8 years is a very long time for a point & shoot to keep up with modern standards, but full frame DSLR’s are way too big for me to comfortably carry around on a daily basis as I also like to take pictures of other things than edges and knives.


Mirrorless cameras are a lot smaller and they do offer some high quality pictures, but the one I had my eye on, the Sony A6000, is still too big for me to carry around in my jacket pocket. After some debate, I ended up with the Sony RX100 Mark II, especially the WiFi, NFC and hot shoe managed to convince me this was the camera for me. For now, I haven’t been let down at all.


More, and especially better pictures to come!



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