Fox IKBS by Emannuel Le Brun

I don’t buy a lot of knives anymore. There, I’ve said it. I know, many of you who are reading this buy new pocket knives and fixed blades every month or maybe every week. Those days are over for me. Sure I still buy two or three knives every year, but those are mainly bought to try out new steels, or new technologies that have found their way into production knives. As for buying other knives, I tend to make my own or trade blades if I really have my eye on something neat.


This brings me to my most recent piece of my collection, the IKBS Fox by Emmanuel Le brun.

As far as materials go, it’s nothing super fancy being made out of RWL-34 steel, titanium and lightning strike carbon fiber. All these materials have been around for a few years now, but I still like the clean and sterile look of it, and combined with the lines of this folder, I think it really looks like a gentleman’s folder instead of a tactical blade as most titanium framelocks do.


Out of it’s little sleeve the knife flipped perfectly, the blade was dead center and there were no sharp edges to be found. The detent felt strong, but when I pressed down on the flipper tab… It felt like a rocket just went of in my hand. A heavy *clunk* was heard and my wrist wobbled for a second. It was hard to believe this knife wasn’t an automatic but just flipped so well.


Enter, the IKBS system:


In short, the IKBS doesn’t use caged ball bearings but are placed inside the actual blade, or in the handle material. It makes for some very flimsy cleaning, but the upside is that it will almost never need it. After 3 months of use the action on this knife has only gotten smoother.


All it needed was a bit of an upgrade in regards to sharpening. Emannuel did a very respectable job in terms of sharpening, but as a professional sharpener, I couldn’t resist taking it to an 8000 grit Naniwa Snow White finish.



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