Quick sharpening session

Someone on the Dutch knife forum asked for a freehand sharpening video, so I figured I’d tape my weekly sharpening session.


7 thoughts on “Quick sharpening session

  1. This is all done freehand? I have tried many “sharpening systems” without success. I can kind of do it freehand but have no idea where to begin learning about how to put different grinds on a blade or how to determine the optimum angle for a specific application. What’s the best way to learn how to do this? Do you use some kind of guide to set the angle before freehand sharpening? I have Stanley grinding wheel with specialty pads and tools to sharpen broadheads for bowhunting but I santora.frank@gmail.comhave no idea where to start. What advice do you have for learning this skill?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Franquixote,

      Yes this was all done freehand on Shapton Pro stones.
      Different knives need different angles and different steels determine your margin here. Some steels allow edge to be as shallow as 10° per side, while some steels will not. Aside from that, the question arises whether or not you want such a thing edge.
      For pocket knives I go from 15° to 22° per side depending on the use and the steel. There’s no simply answered here.

      My advice is to start with cheap, but good knives. Opinel and Mora of Sweden make plenty of cheaper blades you can learn on.

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