Deadlines, customs pissing you off, spam, cuts, sweating, and burnt fingertips. It’s easy to get frustrated while sharpening sometimes, especially when doing bulk work. It’s hard to relax when you’re doing 50 belt sander jobs during one single day. You get in the zone and you just get the job done.

Then a knife pops up that changes all of this. A nice Japanese knife, or a folder with amazing build quality and a new exotic steel. You break out the stones, perhaps even step away from your precious splash and go Shaptons, and switch to Nubatama or Chosera stones.  You calm down, take out the blade and carefully examine it, plan your sharpening session and put on some music. Bob Dylan, Neil Young or maybe something more modern like Two Gallants, Jack White or Nick Cave. The 400 grit Chosera comes out of the water, you lap it flat and start sharpening. The world calms down, the room dissolves and what is left is the stone, the blade and your hands. The rest of the room and world has evaporated in a few minutes. Your mind fixed, hands precise and your body comfortable. In a matter of minutes the work of the 400 grit Chosera is done, and you switch to the 1k Chosera, or the Hulk as I like to call it.
This is where even the music kind of disappears. Even the wonderful lyrics of Nick Cave or the sweet guitar sound from Jack White’s Gibson become blurry and fade away in the background. There’s nothing in the world except steel, swarf and water. The creamy feedback of the Chosera stones are pure Nirvana and your mind starts to think about other things. Maybe sharpening related, maybe not. You’re at peace.

That, my friends, is true sharpening happiness.


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