0.3µ Alumina Oxide

I received this product 6 months ago from Ken himself when it wasn’t for sale yet. I was expecting something like 0.5 CrO, but boy was I wrong!

I first tested the compound on various substrates. It works very well on balsa, but takes a while to dry since the gel doesn’t soak in as quickly as sprays do. After it dried I tested a razor on it that I honed up to 15k on my Shapton Pros. The edge after the 15k was very nice and even, but the AlOx made it even better and smoother. It’s smoother, but doesn’t make it slick like CrO.

On horse leather it dries instantly as it soaks in more readily. The draw and feedback from the leather makes it even better in my opinion. It doesn’t round the edge since the hard rolled leather is so hard you would have to bear down on it to get it to dent. Since I don’t use any pressure when honing at all, it works perfectly for me.

For those who like to use sprays and gels on stones, this one is perfect too. Cleaning up an edge on my Nakayama Nasiji works great, but when I add this compound to the stone it becomes even more magical. I add 1 drop to a 2 by 6 inch stone and spray it with some water. The compound is water soluble and doesn’t do any harm to all stones I tried (various naturals and synthetic). It works extremely well with a Kamisori and classic razors. The only razors you have to be careful with are the hard Swedish razors. I would advise to only use trailing strokes with Swedish razors because of the hard steel. Bumping into the AlOx particles MAY cause some micro chipping.

Here’s a Kamisori edge that was finished on a Nakayama Nasiji with 0.3µ on top. These pictures were taken at 400x. All these razors I honed for CKTG were finished this way.

Another angle:


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