Kamisori honing

I got a Kamisori razor a few months ago, and looked up how to hone it. If you aren’t familiar with the traditional style, just Google it. You’ll find tons of info, but the general consensus is that you have to sharpen 1 side more than the other. A popular ratio is 7 on the “omote” and 1 on the “ura” side (this is the side with the stamp or engraving). I always used 10/3 and that worked well.

The only problem I had with this system is that the ura side will never be as well finished as the omote side because it doesn’t have enough strokes on it. That’s why I wondered how I could get them both finished equally.
So let’s start with the 8k stone. 8k is considered a finishing stone for most western razors, but in my opinion, it’s not enough for the Kamisori razors. I finish on a natural or the 30k Shapton pro. In most cases, I finish on my Nakayama Nasiji.

So what I did was using the 15k Shapton Pro as my synthetic finishing stone. So every time I was doing the ura side, I would use the 15k Shapton Pro. I only had to multiply the amount of strokes I did on the omote side. So for the 8k stone, I did 6 on the ura instead of 3. This way you keep the same profile.

A problem you can encounter is grit contamination, so you have to use a paper towel to clean off the blade each and every time you switch to the other stone. Of course you only have to do the math once. After the first honing session, you will only need the 8 and 15k stones to keep it in tip top order.

I’ve always found the Kamisori razors very easy to hone, but this improved the edge even more. I finished on my Nasiji with the regular 10/3 ratio.


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