Shapton 2k

Sharpeners and knife fanatics often ask me what stones I use. Most of the time they ask questions about coarse stones and finishing stones. For some reason, the medium stones aren’t that popular. It’s a shame because these stones hold the key to a good edge at the end of your progression. The progression determines which medium stone you use. I often use a 1k stone after 400 grit and before 3k. But what if you have a 800 grit coarse stone and a 5k polishing stone? Well then, the Shapton 2k is perfect for you!

The 2k Pro is an odd piece. It cuts close to any other 1k stone, yet leaving a smooth finish that already has a certain level of polish. For most softer steel knives, this is a good finisher. For harder knives, this is a perfect way pre polisher. The Shapton stones have an interesting grain pattern. The interesting bit is that the white is the abrasive and the green the matrix.

There’s a reason Shapton does not offer a 3k Pro stone. It’s because there is absolutely no need for one in their progression. The 2k is fine enough to lead the way for the 5k Pro. You can’t miss out on this stone. It’s a valuable part in my stone lineup and my results wouldn’t be the same without it!


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