The Maestro Wu Shave

Somebody on Knifeforums challenged me for a cleaver shave. Actually, A number of guys will be doing it.

You can follow it here:

This is by far the stupidest bet I’ve done. But it was fun to sharpen a knife with razor principles.
Progression: 320 Pro, 1k Chosera, 2k Pro, 5k Pro, 8k Pro, 15k Pro, 0.5 CBN, 0.5 CrO, 0.125 CBN

I must say that the sharpening session was harder than the shaving.





3 thoughts on “The Maestro Wu Shave

  1. Hi Michiel,

    Very impressive sharpening job!

    If you have the time, would you please tell/show us how you sharpen and maintain your edc’s? I am interested seeing what tools and technics you use for those knives.



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