Coticule finish

Considering I’m Belgian a lot of people ask me about Coticules. I’m not an expert, but I have a fair share of coticule stones ranging from old to new stones and a variety of layers.

Most of these stones are used for razors. Knives are mostly finished on BBW (Belgian Blue Whetstones) because they are cheaper and at that high of a grit, you can allow a stone to be a bit slower.

This is the stone I used for my moritaka. It’s from the La Latneuses layer and is over 80 years old.

I did most of the preperation work on a 1k Shapton pro. This is a stone I love because it’s slow wearing, fast and leaves a nice even finish. It’s the perfect stone to use as a prepolisher.

I then raised a rather heavy cream slurry with a coticule slurry stone. this have me a rather hazy finish on the bevel including the harder core steel (hagane). I then diluted the slurry with 5 drops of water and this was the result:

Better background:

Granted, Coticule stones aren’t the most used stones for these finishes, but I think the finish is more than acceptable.


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