Welcome to my little place in the cyberworld.


Let me introduce myself,


I’m a 24 year old professional sharpener living in Belgium, hence the name of the blog. I mainly sharpen chef knives lately, but do pocket knives and sporting knives too.

This blog will be about my sharpening “adventures” and new products I’m using to develop these edges.


Hope to see you all around,




5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hey buddy! Just dropping by to say hi! Hope the coticule isn’t too sharp for ya! Naww, that was just a joke.. of course.. 🙂 Can’t wait to see some of your brain droppings on sharpening get organized into one collection. Take it easy man!

  2. Dag Michiel,

    ik heb recent 2 chosera’s gekocht. 800 en 4000.
    Ik heb al wel wat gelezen over het slijpen maar zou je als dat kan wat vraagjes willen stellen.
    Kan ik je bereiken via mail?


  3. Micheal you are a sharpening geek in the nicest possible way. I love the level of detail you go into on the physics of it, this site goes on my favourites list, I may have to read things a few times to understand it though.

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