Michiel Vanhoudt design, Kuo Shan-Hsi blade

When I first saw a few pictures of the knives Kuo Shan-Hsi made, I was left impressed by the steel grain and how simple, yet elegant they looked. Some had steel ferrules that I didn’t care for, some were absolutely astonishing. When I was invited to design a blade and he would make it for me, I obviously jumped on board right away. The man may not ring a bell to all of us, but he made the sword for the movie “Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon”. The next pictures I saw left me in awe for his craftsmanship.

During a trip to Germany I designed a number of blades. I prefer cleavers myself and use a petty for smaller tasks like mincing garlic and chili peppers. I have a number of cleavers that serve me very well and while I have a soft spot for them, I believe a petty would be a better choice, so I put away all the nakiri and cleaver designs and emailed Tom Blodgett the design I drew with the specs I wanted so Kuo Shan-Hsi could go to work.

Here’s a first quick picture Tom just sent me and it is spot on to the design I sent him. I look forward handling it when it arrives.



  • Blade Length: 152mm

  • Cutting edge: 140mm

  • Spine thickness: 2mm tapering to 1.1mm at the tip

  • Handle: Taiwanese cedar with ebony ferrule.

  • Steel: High carbon cladded steel

  • Grind: Full convex


Picture courtesy of Tom Blodgett – Jende Industries

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